What is a compactor or to compact trash?

Compacted trash is neat and containerized and not easily recognizable as trash by close-by patrons. Trash is accumulated inside a solid container which is not usually associated with the "look of trash" as you are transporting it for removal from your facility. Containerized, compacted waste is clean and neat. Waste spills and overflows are reduced or eliminated inside the establishment and also around dumpsters. Keeping trash compacted and contained reduces vermin and rodents inside the facility and around dumpsters. Employees and customers experience a much cleaner and more sanitary environment.

At Trashco Inc., we strive to provide you quality, reliable, and efficient compactor management needs. Loose, non-compacted trash occupies up to 20 times more dumpster space than compacted waste. Waste hauling costs are reduced by fewer and/or smaller dumpsters, and many times dumpster pickups can be reduced by 50%. Remember getting a compactor can reduce time-consuming activity such as reducing employee trips to the dumpster can be dramatically reduced when trash is compacted!

Return on Investment

Considering labor and waste hauling savings alone, paybacks can be noticed immediately. Savings include 1) tax write-offs, 2) reduced pilferage, 3) cooling/heating savings, 4) labor wage increases and savings associated, 5) indirect labor cost savings including employee benefits, 6) inflation, 7) improved security, 8) increase in employee morale due to a better, cleaner work environment!